Welcome to the web-site of the GKZ Freiberg!

Learn more about a strong, interdisciplinary cluster organisation consisting of industry, science, and administration with expertise along the entire value chain of mineral raw materials as well as mined energy sources and geotechnics.

Cooperation in raw materials economy in cross-border regions of Saxony-Poland-Czech Republik-Austria. Exchanging minds, define need for action! Contact wr@gkz-ev.de

Industrial excursion Saxony-Styria 2020. What is connecting us - From steel to rail, from tunnel to mining. Interested? Contact: wr@gkz-ev.de

GKZ STEINREISEN 2020 (Discover European natural stone): Castilia y León stone heritage of two milleniums, production and preservation today. Subscription open soon. Interest? Contact: hd@gkz-ev.de

Meeting us:

  • 3.3.2020, Dresden – „Mining meets Rail“

  • 21.-23.4.2020, Falmouth, UK – MIREU Workshop Mining & Cultural Heritage

  • 13.5.2020, Chemnitz Industriemuseum – Opening conference on raw materials exhibition

  • 14.5.2020, Dresden – Saxon Resource Day, GKZ General Assembly